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PAULO PIXU was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

Percussionist, drummer and composer, he has played with bands, orchestras, dance groups, and theater groups. He also recorded albums, videos and TV shows.

He played with several artists such as Elba Ramalho, Fernanda Porto, Rodrigo Sater, Miriam Mirah, Lula Barbosa, Yasir Chediak, Dinho Nascimento, Zerró Santos, Vera Figueiredo and Maestro Chu Viana. In the theater, he worked with José Celso Martinez Correia, Cristiane Torloni and Beatriz Azevedo.

He went on tour with Mafuá Band, of which he was one of the founders. The band performed at the Montreaux Festival, as well as presented concerts in Geneva, Switzerland, and Lisbon, Portugal. With the singer Montserrat, he went on tour and performed in Japan, United States and North, Northeast, South and Southeast of Brazil.

As member of the TUCA theater group, from Sao Paulo, he performed as solo musician and author of the soundtrack of the play “Os pássaros vão com a morte” written by Edilio Peña. Performed as musician and actor of the musical “Peripatético” by Beatriz Azevedo. For this play, he also written the percussion soundtrack of Beatriz’s homonymous poem, which was performed in New York City, USA. As musician, he acted the Paixão de Cristo (The Passion of The Christ) play, in Nova Jerusalém, PE, featuring the actress Cristiane Torloni.

As music producer, he worked on the Mafuá’s band and Baião de 4’s albums; Jorge Benjor’s "23"; Dinho Nascimento’s Ser-Um-mano and Treme Terra Project’s Cultura de Resistência. Besides being music producer, he also participated in the Duo Afro 2’s album as composer and percussionist.

Along with Lili Flor, he works as musician and actor, harmonizing music with texts, working with many songs and games.

Currently, Paulo Pixu is percussion teacher at IBVF Brasil.

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