BRUNO TESSELE was born in Rio Grande do Sul.


He moved to São Paulo city more than fifteen years ago. Considered a reference of his drummers’ generation, he has working as musician, composer, producer, arranger and teacher in Brazil and abroad. 

His first album “Adelante” was recorded in São Paulo; mixed and mastered in USA. All songs were written by Bruno, who brought to them his influence of jazz, rock, traditional “gaúchos” rhythms and Brazilian music. The eight “Adelante” tracks were performed with freedom and authentic interaction between him and Bruno Belasco, Lucas Macedo, Michel Leme and Bruno Migotto.

Bachelor of Music in Compositions, he wrote articles to the Modern Drummer magazine Brazilian edition, collaborating to the “Lessons” session. He worked with the actress Débora Falabella, focusing on her drum preparation for the awarded theater play “Contrações”. He performed as member of the orchestras of the following musicals: “Elis Regina: Elis – A Musical”, “Milton Nascimento – Nada Será Como Antes” and “Chacrinha – O Musical”.

He has played with Raul de Souza, Nailor Proveta, Dom Salvador, Esperanza Spalding (USA), Phil de Greg (USA), Teus Nobel (Netherlands), Ryan Keberle (USA), Thiago Espírito Santo, Sandro Haick, Oscar Stagnaro (Peru), Eric Miyashiro (USA), Antonio Arnedo (Colombia), Edu Ardanuy, Lupa Santiago, Frank Solari, Walmir Gil, Célio Barros, Soundscape Big Band, Speakin Jazz Big Band, Zerró Santos Big Band. He also has played with the following singers: Elza Soares, Filipe Catto, Maria Alcina, Eliana Pittman, Vânia Bastos, Sara Serpa (Portugal), Marianne Solivann (USA), Isa Martins, Célia, JP Simões (Portugal) among others.

Besides working on his own projects, such as Bronco Trio (instrumental rock combined with jazz, hardcore and other musical influences) and Bruno Tessele Quintet, he has recorded and played with several artists, such as Michel Leme, Aniel Someillan, Grupo Cosmopolita, Duo UsB, Jorginho Neto, Alba Santos and Joabe Reis.

Currently, Bruno Tessele is drum teacher at IBVF Brasil.