Presential and online | Individual classes

The drum course is divided in 9 terms that explore various subjects of the learning process. From the technique to the ear training, including reading and writing, the students will improve their skills and execute what they learned during the course.


Supervision | Vera Figueiredo.
Teachers | Presential and online classes: Vera Figueiredo and Fernando Amaro. Exclusively for presential classes: Andre Dea, Cuca Teixeira, Bruno Tessele  and Nina Pará. Exclusively for online classes: Daniel Baeder.

Presential | Individual classes

Developed to attend children from 4 years old, this course uses the playful as a tool to help the students during the learning process. The DRUM KIDS, written by Leonor Júnior is the chosen book to this course. The author bets on coloring the drawings, in order to introduce the children to music reading in a light and efficient way.


Available in Portuguese and/or English.

Supervision | Vera Figueiredo