Drum | Theory


FERNANDO AMARO was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


His first contact with drums happened very early. About the age of three he learned the rudiments, firstly guided by Paullo Amaro. It didn't take him too long to start playing along with rock records. He was about six years old when he asked to his parents to sign him up at a drum school. Then, the seven-year-old boy started studying with Vera Figueiredo, at the IBVF Brasil school, where he currently is drum and theory teacher.


Besides playing drums - as an educated drummer with a defined method - he also studied Brazilian rhythms and jazz. Decided to have a music career, he went to FASM college, where he studied with the drummer Edu Ribeiro, among other teachers. Thus, he enhanced his musical knowledge and gradually conquered his place in the music scene.


In 2010, Vicente Salus interviewed him for the Brazilian edition of the American Modern Drummer magazine. The article title was “New Blood” and approached his trajectory as drummer, as well as the goals he had defined, at that time.


He has recorded with renowned artists of the Brazilian Instrumental Music scene. Some of the albums he recorded: “Senda” by Michel Leme; “In Truth” by Maycon Mesquita; “Em Boa Companhia” and “A Confraria do Som” by Fábio Peron; “Core” by Caetano Ribeiro (Blaxtream records); “Esmê” by André Mehmari, Fábio Peron and Gim Correa; “Warzone” by Vinicius Chagas; “Caio Afiune” by Caio Afiune, recorded in Boston, Ma; “Big Band” by Rubem Farias; “Cabreúva Session” by Maycon Mesquita; and “Combustão” and “Live at NossaCasa” by Vinicius Chagas.


Besides the mentioned recordings, he has played with another outstanding Brazilian Instrumental Music artists such as Arismar do Espírito Santo, Léa Freire, Laércio de Freitas, Chico Wilcox, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Silva Góez, Filó Machado and Bocato.


Currently, besides playing with several bands/artists, he has performed with his own band, Fernando Amaro Quartet.