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VERA FIGUEIREDO was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


She is a renowned artist from Brazilian Instrumental music scene. Drummer, composer, teacher and cultural producer, she founded the IBVF Brasil, which has contributed to the music education for thirty years. The music school is located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and attend to students from all over the country and other countries. She is courses supervisor and teacher at the IBVF Brasil.


She paved the way for producing clinics in Brazil with Brazilian artists and from another countries. In 1993, she produced the first event of the agency IBVF Produções, a drum clinic with Billy Cobham, who was a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and had recorded with Miles Davis. Since then, the production of clinics, master classes and concerts became part of the IBVF Produções calendar.


In 1996, the IBVF Produções organized the first edition of Batuka! Brasil. Today, it figures among the greatest drum and percussion festivals in the world; with fifteen editions that took place in São Paulo city. Besides being the creator of the festival, Vera is also the Batuka! Brasil curator and artistic producer.


Besides working as hired musician, curator and participating in several events as a guest, she also has a significant solo career. She released three solo albums, contributing to them as composer and music producer as well: Vera Figueiredo & Convidados, From Brasil and Vera Cruz Island. Based on her last album, the play-along book Vera Cruz Island - Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset was released by Hudson Music. The book has worldwide distribution and is also available on e-book format.


A DVD with her instructional videos Ritmos Afro -Brasileiroa (Afro-Brazilian Rhythms) e Influência Afro-Cubana (Afro-Cuban Influence) was released with English subtitles.


She has dedicated herself to spread her knowledge about Brazilian rhythms, performing classes, master classes and clinics in Brazil and other countries. Currently, she has performed the Brasileira concert featuring the Vera Figueiredo Trio. Brasileira is also the title of the album she's working on.


Vera Figueiredo has played in some of the greatest national and international drum and percussion festivals, always taking the power of Brazilian rhythms to their stages. Brazilian Rhythms are the foundation of her solo career. Her expertise about Brazilian Rhythms is what attracts foreign students and music admirers. It’s also because of it she was invited to perform in several countries such as Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Chile, United States, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.