About IBVF Brasil
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IBVF Brasil is a music school located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was founded in 1990 by Vera Figueiredo. At that time, she already was a requested drummer playing with several artists, and a composer who had just released her first solo album. Since then, Vera has already released other albums, book and educational videos.


IBVF Produções is a production company founded right after the music school. In the 90’s, it wasn’t so easy as now to produce clinics in Brazil. However, Vera was decided to show to the IBVF students more ways to improve their learning. That’s why she started the production of a succession of events, which started with Billy Cobham’s clinic, followed by Carmine Appice, Dave Weckl, Clayton Cameron, Frank Gambale, Mike Stern, among others guests. The IBVF Produções also produced the guitarist Mike Stern’s concert in São Paulo city, Brazil. The Mike Stern Trio were also formed by Dennis Chambers (drums) and Lincoln Goines (bass).


Vera wanted to improve the IBVF students’ learning, and offer good music to everyone interested in it, student or not. She also had as goal to create a place to new drum talents, and make possible they could be in the same environment of the renowned artists. She's thought that cultural interchange and an outstanding musical experience to the audience were essential; and she still thinks this way. As a result of her reflection about it, she created the Batuka! Brasil festival.


In 1996, the first edition of Batuka! Brasil was presented in Sao Paulo city. Its program included concerts, clinics, performances and lectures, as well as the National Drummer Contest. The project was changed in several aspects, until reaching the actual format. Nevertheless, it's always open to improvements.


Batuka! Brasil celebrated fifteen editions and was included in the list of the greatest drum festivals in the world.


Besides the drum course, the IBVF Brasil also offers a percussion course. The theory course is a proposal to drummers and percussionists to improve their musical knowledge. The Listening, Reading, Writing and Playing course is available to all music students, regardless of the instrument they are learning to play.


Masterclasses conducted by artists from Brazil and other countries take place in the Sala Rubens Barsotti, inside the school building. IBVF Brasil projects as sérieMASTERCLASS and Batuka! Beat are extra tools for our students to improve their knowledge.


The IBVF Brasil main goal is to offer to our students the knowledge they need to become a musician capable of working in many areas of music they want.


Vera Figueiredo remains searching for tools to help students with their journey of learning.