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VERA FIGUEIREDO was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


She is a renowned artist from Brazilian Instrumental music scene. Drummer, composer, teacher and cultural producer, she founded the IBVF Brasil, which has contributed to the music education for thirty years. The music school is located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and attend to students from all over the country and other countries. She is courses supervisor and teacher at the IBVF Brasil.


She paved the way for producing clinics in Brazil with Brazilian artists and from another countries. In 1993, she produced the first event of the agency IBVF Produções, a drum clinic with Billy Cobham, who was a member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and had recorded with Miles Davis. Since then, the production of clinics, master classes and concerts became part of the IBVF Produções calendar.


In 1996, the IBVF Produções organized the first edition of Batuka! Brasil. Today, it figures among the greatest drum and percussion festivals in the world; with fifteen editions that took place in São Paulo city. Besides being the creator of the festival, Vera is also the Batuka! Brasil curator and artistic producer.


Besides working as hired musician, curator and participating in several events as a guest, she also has a significant solo career. She released three solo albums, contributing to them as composer and music producer as well: Vera Figueiredo & Convidados, From Brasil and Vera Cruz Island. Based on her last album, the play-along book Vera Cruz Island - Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset was released by Hudson Music. The book has worldwide distribution and is also available on e-book format.


A DVD with her instructional videos Ritmos Afro -Brasileiroa (Afro-Brazilian Rhythms) e Influência Afro-Cubana (Afro-Cuban Influence) was released with English subtitles.


She has dedicated herself to spread her knowledge about Brazilian rhythms, performing classes, master classes and clinics in Brazil and other countries. Currently, she has performed the Brasileira concert featuring the Vera Figueiredo Trio. Brasileira is also the title of the album she's working on.


Vera Figueiredo has played in some of the greatest national and international drum and percussion festivals, always taking the power of Brazilian rhythms to their stages. Brazilian Rhythms are the foundation of her solo career. Her expertise about Brazilian Rhythms is what attracts foreign students and music admirers. It’s also because of it she was invited to perform in several countries such as Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Chile, United States, Italy, Canada, Argentina, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.







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CUCA TEIXEIRA was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


Music has been part of his life since his childhood. He was born in a family of musicians: Edegar Teixeira, father and drummer; Sara Chretien, mother and singer; Wilson Teixeira, brother and saxophonist.


Being always surrounded by musicians, he started working as professional musician at the age of fifteen, performing in the São Paulo city clubs.


He is one of the most respected drummers from the Instrumental and Jazz Brazilian music scene. He has worked as member of the singer Maria Rita’s band and has played with masters of Brazilian music, such as Hermeto Pascoal, Dominguinhos and Raul de Souza.


In 2014, he released his first solo album, after being a member and recorded with the Subsolo and Mr. Motaba bands.


Currently, Cuca Teixeira is drum teacher at IBVF Brasil and member of  the TuNormalis Trio.





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FERNANDO AMARO was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


His first contact with drums happened very early. About the age of three he learned the rudiments, firstly guided by Paullo Amaro. It didn't take him too long to start playing along with rock records such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer among others. He started studying with Vera Figueiredo at the age of six. She was his drum teacher for ten years at the IBVF Brasil school, where he became professional and currently is drum and theory teacher.

Besides playing drums - as an educated drummer with a defined method - he also studied Brazilian rhythms and jazz. Deciding to have a music career, he went to the FASM college and studied with the drummer Edu Ribeiro among other teachers. Thus, he enhanced his musical knowledge and gradually conquered his place in the music scene.

In 2010, Vicente Salus interviewed him for the Brazilian edition of the American Modern Drummer magazine. The article title was “New Blood” and approached his trajectory as drummer, as well as the goals he had defined, at that time.

He has recorded with renowned artists of the Brazilian Instrumental Music scene. Some of the albums he recorded: “Senda” by Michel Leme; “In Truth” by Maycon Mesquita; “Em Boa Companhia” and “A Confraria do Som” by Fábio Peron; “Core” by Caetano Ribeiro (Blaxtream records); “Esmê” by André Mehmari, Fábio Peron and Gim Correa; “Warzone” by Vinicius Chagas; “Caio Afiune” by Caio Afiune, recorded in Boston, Ma; “Big Band” by Rubem Farias; “Cabreúva Session” by Maycon Mesquita; and “Combustão” and “Live at NossaCasa” by Vinicius Chagas.

Besides the mentioned recordings, he has played with another outstanding Brazilian Instrumental Music artists such as Arismar do Espírito Santo, Léa Freire, Laércio de Freitas, Chico Wilcox, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Silvia Góes, Filó Machado and Bocato.

Currently, he is studying to get his popular music postgraduate degree, focusing on scientific research and cultural production. Besides playing several gigs, he has performed with his own band, the Fernando Amaro Quartet.







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ANDRÉ DEA was born in Curitiba, Brazil.


Drummer of the Supercombo, which is one of the bands to complete the line-up of the Supernova Stage, at Rock in Rio festival 2022.


, he started studying drums in 2000. Since then, he played in several bands from his city, until became member of Sugar Kane band, in 2007. With Sugar Kane members, he moved out to São Paulo city and recorded three albums, two EPs and a live DVD.


He played with Vespas Mandarinas band from 2011 to 2016. With this band, he recorded an EP, a single and the “Animal Nacional” album, which was released by Deck Disc record label and nominee for Latin Grammy “Best Brazilian album”.


The Brazilian edition of the American Modern Drummer - which is the most widely read magazine dedicated to drummers and percussionists - interviewed him twice.


Besides being the Supercombo band drummer, he works on the projects Violeta Soda and Sugar Kane. He’s one of the Estúdio Costella partners, which is located in São Paulo city. It's a recording and rehearsal studio.


Currently, André Dea is drum teacher at IBVF Brasil.







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DANIEL BAEDER was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


He is an internationally recognized drummer, composer and arranger who has accomplished a high number of music achievements.


His artistically-infused home city of São Paulo, Brazil made an impact on him at a young age, and by four years old, he began his journey into the world of music through a variety of instruments. His passion allows him to explore a variety of musical genres, while always leaving his own imprint of style in each of his pieces.


Daniel has studied with some worldwide renowned musicians. His work has earned him recognition from some of the most-respected industry publications such as Modern Drummer, Cover Batera, Bateria Total among others.


In 2006, the culmination of his hard work and talent earned him a distribution deal with Mar Creation for USA, Europe and Japan.


Daniel has recorded many independent albums as a producer and arranger, released a solo CD entitled 'Abranda Raiva/Daniel Baeder' in 2006, performed in some venues. His abilities have given him the opportunity to join Cirque du Soleil touring all over the world as a drummer and bandleader for 8 years. Daniel is about to release two solo albums; one in Brazilian instrumental music, and other in electronic style.


Currently, Daniel Baeder is one of the IBVF Brasil drum teacher (online classes).







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JULIO CESAR was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


He has been working as percussion educator for over 20 years at several institutions such as Projeto Arquimedes, Instituto Cidadã e Fábrica de Cultura. 

For almost two decades he has been acting as percussion educational supervisor at Projeto Guri, offering technical and pedagogical support for percussion teachers approaching collective music teaching. He has extensive experience in managing teams and training educators in popular percussion.

He has already played and recorded with remonwed musicians such as Emicida, Jair Rodrigues, Demônios da Garoa, Thobias da Vai-Vai, André Mehmari, Arismar do Espirito Santo, Living Colour, Yoko Ono and Arturo Sandoval.

In 2019, he released the “Julio Cesar Percussão”. This solo album is available on all music streaming platforms and is kind of a summary of moments of his musical trajectory and his versatility as a percussionist.

Currently, Julio Cesar is the host of the Conversa no Batuque project, which is the first talk show in Brazil dedicated to interview percussionists and drummer. He is also a member of the Repique Prosa project.







PAULO PIXU was born in São Paulo, Brazil.


Percussionist, drummer and composer, he has played with bands, orchestras, dance groups, and theater groups. He also recorded albums, videos and TV shows.


He played with several artists such as Elba Ramalho, Fernanda Porto, Rodrigo Sater, Miriam Mirah, Lula Barbosa, Yasir Chediak, Dinho Nascimento, Zerró Santos, Vera Figueiredo and Maestro Chu Viana. In the theater, he worked with José Celso Martinez Correia, Cristiane Torloni and Beatriz Azevedo.


He went on tour with Mafuá Band, of which he was one of the founders. The band performed at the Montreaux Festival, as well as presented concerts in Geneva, Switzerland, and Lisbon, Portugal. With the singer Montserrat, he went on tour and performed in Japan, United States and North, Northeast, South and Southeast of Brazil.


As member of the TUCA theater group, from Sao Paulo, he performed as solo musician and author of the soundtrack of the play “Os pássaros vão com a morte” written by Edilio Peña. Performed as musician and actor of the musical “Peripatético” by Beatriz Azevedo. For this play, he also written the percussion soundtrack of Beatriz’s homonymous poem, which was performed in New York City, USA. As musician, he acted the "Paixão de Cristo" (The Passion of The Christ) play, in Nova Jerusalém, PE, featuring the actress Cristiane Torloni.


As music producer, he worked on the Mafuá’s band and Baião de 4’s albums; Jorge Benjor’s "23"; Dinho Nascimento’s "Ser-Um-mano" and Treme Terra Project’s "Cultura de Resistência". Besides being music producer, he also participated in the Duo Afro 2’s album as composer and percussionist.


Along with Lili Flor, he works as musician and actor, harmonizing music with texts, working with many songs and games.


Currently, Paulo Pixu is percussion teacher at IBVF Brasil.